Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine

Art & Magic for Tea-Drinking Anarchists, Convivial Conjurors & Closeted Optimists

"Fiddler's Fare?"

Just as in legends where sailors cast adrift dream ­together to create a land of mirth and ­merriment, so too do our combined attentions make Fiddler’s Green a ­reality.

Any small press venture is lucky to break even. Our printing and ­distribution costs are paid in part with funds from generous ­sponsors who ­share the vision of ­Fiddler’s Green. Some contributions come from ­our advertisers. Others are from ­individuals who are content to remain relatively ­anonymous.

You can support Fiddler’s Green with a gift of ­“fiddler’s fare” in any amount. The donations we receive help fund print runs, postage, and outreach including advertising and trade show expenses. Some examples:

A donation of $10 enables us to send a complimentary copy of Fiddler's Green to someone who cannot otherwise afford it. Students, prisoners, and other readers with low incomes benefit from donations at this level.

A donation of $25 pays for a month of web services for Fiddler's Green. We value face-to-face communication with our readers, however we rely on our online presence to make and maintain these connections.

A donation of $50 covers our tabling expenses at a small press or zine show. This support enables Fiddler's Green to reach new readers and strengthen our bonds in the publishing community.

A donation of $100 helps tremendously with our considerable printing and postage costs, and with expenses associated with out-of-town events. Large donations also make it possible for us to offer honorariums to the writers and artists who make Fiddler's Green a reality.


The Spirit of Fiddler's Fare

Fiddler’s fare need not be confined to a back-and-forth exchange ­between us and our ­readers. It can be whatever you give to ­anyone that makes the world a ­happier or more ­magical place. An unexpected gift of food, drink, money, time, or other resources always has the potential to brighten another person’s day, and is very much in keeping with the spirit of Fiddler’s Green.

Thank you for being part of the peculiar parish.

Clint Marsh