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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to know when a new issue of Fiddler's Green is published?
We announce new issues of Fiddler's Green through our email list and social media accounts. You can sign up for our email list here. On Instagram (our busiest social media platform) we are @fiddlersgreenzine.

Can I subscribe to Fiddler's Green?
Instead of a traditional subscription system, Fiddler's Green makes itself available through individual orders as well as through trades of readers' own creative work. We call this concept fiddler's fare: In essence, if you keep in touch with us, we'll keep in touch with you. We like fiddler's fare because it keeps the relationship between us and our readers more active.

Will back issues of Fiddler's Green be reprinted?
Due to budget constraints, limited reproduction rights on a number of pieces, and the fact that some of the magazine's more newsy items don't hold up well year after year, our earlier issues have fallen out of print. In response to the rapid sell-throughs of our our early issues, we are increasing our print run quantities moving forward. We've also begun publishing the Leaflets series to keep some of the articles from out-of-print issues in circulation.

How can I buy early issues of Fiddler's Green?
Copies of Fiddler's Green do appear on the secondhand market from time to time. Search "Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine" on the most popular marketplaces using the links below.


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